Equipment Leasing Programs

Our commercial program allows for the best of both worlds. We deliver the service of a smaller company while we bring the expertise of a large company required to service large ($100K+) commercial transactions. Our management team has over 100 years in the commercial marketplace.

Upon receipt of your latest available year’s tax returns or financials, our Credit Manager will work closely with our Account Executives to structure a proposal.

This binding of Credit and Sales enables us to deliver a proposal to you often within hours after receiving a year’s financials. We will structure our proposal based on your ability to make the payments and also to optimize your future cash flow needs and tax liabilities. We offer conventional loans, finance leases, operating leases and master lease lines.

Our staff can structure a transaction allowing you to assume the benefit of an operating lease, while capping your total lease cost.

Harbour Capital Buyout Options

True Lease

  • Purchase the equipment at the end of the term for its then fair market value
  • Re-rent the equipment on a month-to-month basis
  • Return the equipment
  • Offers the lowest monthly payment, least equipment risk

$1.00 Purchase Option

  • Purchase the equipment for $1.00 at the end of the lease term
  • Benefits of ownership for tax purposes, such as depreciation and interest deductions

10% Purchase Option

  • Offers a fixed purchase option of 10% of the original cost
  • Lower payments than the $1.00 purchase option
  • Benefits of ownership for tax purposes