Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lease with Harbour Capital?

Affordable payments…potential decreased tax liabilities…preservation of bank lines of credit…easy add-ons and improved cash flow. Thanks to benefits like these, eight out of ten U.S. businesses use lease financing to acquire the capital equipment required for growth. For more details, refer to Leasing Benefits.

What is a lease?

A lease is a contract where one party (Lessor) allows another (Lessee) the exclusive right to use and possess its equipment for a specific period of time. The contract obligates the Lessee to make periodic payments, or rentals, to the Lessor for the use of the equipment. A lease utilized as a source of financing is usually a long-term agreement that is non-canceled. The Lessee is responsible for all peripheral costs associated with the use and maintenance of the equipment, including such things as taxes and insurance, during the term of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the Lessee may have the option to purchase the equipment based upon a predetermined purchase option.

Who can lease with Harbour Capital?

Any sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (including a nonprofit or S Corporation) located in the United States.

What type of Equipment does Harbour Capital finance?

Any new or used equipment acquired for the production of income (i.e. equipment used for a business purpose).

When my lease ends, what are my options?

At the end of your lease terms, you have the option to purchase the equipment according to the provision chosen at the beginning of the lease term.

Are my payments fixed?

Lease payments or purchase options will not change with current interest rates.

Can I lease software?

Yes. Harbour Capital can provide up to 100% of the cost of your next software purchase.

Is a down payment required?

Most standard programs require the first and last payments in advance. Special Programs requiring no down payment are available to qualified applicants.