Experience Counts

“We know nothing of what will happen in the future, but in the analogy of experience.” Abraham Lincoln

Within virtually every industry and company there is constant turnover of employees. As companies grow and evolve employees are hired for various positions which are added, and some employees move up within the organization while others move on to different jobs with other companies. The annual voluntary employee turnover rate in the finance industry runs around 16%, per the US Dept of Labor.

Although exuberant, newer employees can be overwhelmed when it comes to providing exceptional customer service due to their inexperience. At Harbour Capital, experience counts. Each Harbour Capital employee has many years of experience within the industry; some individuals with over 30 years! Harbour Capital employees are constantly training to better serve you. When you speak with a Harbour Capital Account Executive you can rest assured you are speaking with a knowledgeable professional with years of training and experience who can answer your questions. Allow us to help you with your leasing experience so you can concentrate on running your business!