90 Day No Pay

Your business needs equipment to generate revenue.

When you add, update or replace your existing equipment with newer and more technologically advanced machinery, you increase productivity and profitability. You surpass the competition. Your return on investment is an increase in your businesses’ income.

Just as it takes money to make money, it takes money to purchase equipment. How can you get the tools you need today with the profits you will earn tomorrow?

Take advantage of Harbour Capital’s 90 Day Deferred Payment option!

* With a 90 Day Deferred Loan or Lease your business can purchase the equipment it needs today while enjoying the luxury of “ramp up” time to get your equipment installed and operational before your monthly payments begin.

* Often there are no advance payments required, and the first payment is not due until 90 days after you take receipt of the equipment.

If your business could benefit from a 90 Day Deferred Loan/Lease, call Harbour Capital today.

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