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You have nothing to lose… except money in your pocket.

It’s a competitive market out there and survival is only for the fittest. With today’s economic challenges, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to generate revenue and for special resources to set them apart from the competition.

Harbour Capital’s Business Cash Loans help businesses like yours get that advantage every day. With programs and terms suited to your specific needs, Harbour Capital can offer your company an infusion of cold hard cash, just when you need it most.

At Harbour Capital, we offer unique and leading edge loan products with liberal credit guidelines. Our loans are unsecured with no upfront fees or adverse effects on your debt ratio. The amount you qualify for depends on your sales volume.

Your payments can be Fixed or Flex. With a quick application process and simple paperwork, your business canhave the cash it needs within a matter of days. It’s simple and it works.

The money is here– GRAB IT!

Take a look at these deals that funded in March— within days of calling Harbour, thesebusiness owners were using money they had only “dreamed” of having.

♦ A Butcher/Meat Shop used its $145k to upgrade equipment and remodel its store.

♦ A Franchise Restaurant spent $110k to stock up on seasonal inventory, meet payroll, and then go on a business vacation!

♦ A Landscaper, invested $37k to rehab his equipment, add on to his greenhouse and advertise on local radio and billboards.

All of these business owners were able to spend money to make money.

What could this kind of cash do for your business?

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By M. Kehoe

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