Merchant Cash Advance/Loan

Merchant Cash Advance/Loan
Program Summary

The Daily Payback Advantage

Merchant Cash Advances and Loans, with their unique Daily Payback feature, provide much needed Working Capital to the restaurant, retail and service industries. Cash Advances and/or Loans will be offered with a preset monthly payment amount and fixed maturity date, but with unique features.

Qualified borrowers can choose between payment plans: either a structure with flexible, daily payment amounts designed to help merchants better manage the ebbs and flows of payment card sales, or one with fixed payment amounts designed for those who prefer fixed payments.

The DP (Daily Payback) feature of the loan product designed to help cash flow by creating smaller, more frequent payments instead of one lump sum monthly payment. Merchants can choose one of two plans.

The Processing Plan allows merchants to make loan payments through their credit card processors in amounts that vary with their card sales volumes, providing an option to owners who are uncomfortable with a fixed, daily payment amount.

The Loan Plan permits merchants to make automatic payments with fixed amounts each weekday through an ACH (Automated Clearing House) process, providing an option to owners who prefer the consistency of preset, daily payment amounts.

Another feature of the Merchant Cash Product is the quick turnaround on approval decisions. Applications are evaluated in hours rather than in days or weeks. Plus, the approval decision is primarily based on history and performance, rather than the business owner’s personal credit.

While banks continue to make it increasingly difficult to borrow money, the Merchant Cash Advance and Loan products provide much needed working capital to businesses that banks now will typically avoid.