The Elections…

The elections are over and regardless of your political affiliation we all know that we have some tough decisions ahead, both as a country and as business owners. We all need to be more fiscally responsible and we must continue to invest in our people, factories and infrastructure to remain competitive. Small business owners specifically have been hard pressed to find the capital needed to grow their businesses over the past few years and many have been resistant to spend hard earned cash due to the uncertainty in our country’s economy and recent elections. We have had the same concerns…. but what now? How do we get our businesses back on track and moving forward again?

Early on in my business career I was once told that you’re either green and growing or grey and dying.  This is true for our businesses and our country so how do we start growing again? One critical element is to have the capital available that is both competitive and flexible to meet our individual needs.  Here at Harbour Capital we have expanded our programs can credit window making it even easier to access capital and to purchase the equipment you need for your business to grow. As we move forward we want to do more. As you are putting together your budget 2013, or if you want to still take advantage of the existing tax credits, think of Harbour.

  •  If you need financing for any new equipment, software, signage, remodel projects or anything else that you may need for your business.
  • If you are a seasonal business and just need some working capital to help get you through the slower months.
  • If you simply have questions About the financing options available.

Our new expanded credit window can assist almost any business owner secure the capital they need.

To become stronger we need to grow otherwise we’re slowly dying. It’s been tough the past couple of years but we need to push aside the fear and uncertainty that we’ve had in the past and look for ways to move forward. I hope we can do this together. If there is anything that we can do to help you please give us a call. We continue to bring new financial solutions to the market and we’re willing to explore how we can help you today. Thank you for your past business and we look forward to working together again in the upcoming months.