Harbour Capital Attends 2013 ICA Show

Spring is in the air.  With spring comes warmer weather, pollen (lots of pollen) and most importantly…. trade shows.   April 22-24 2013, Harbour Capital attended the ICA show in Las Vegas.   This show is the largest gathering of car wash owners and suppliers in the world.  It’s the Super Bowl of all trade shows if you’re washing cars.  Over 8,000 people attended this year’s show and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Magic Johnson was the keynote speaker of the afternoon and he engaged the audience by sharing success and failure stories, and relating them to his success and failures both on and off the court.  Sorry Magic, but we are Celtics fans up here in New England!  Take a look for yourself  HERE

The ICA is the largest association for car wash professionals with over 2000 member companies representing 2 dozen countries around the world.  As part of the show we were able to witness the induction of Mark Thornsby into the car wash hall of fame.   He spoke about how much this industry has changed for the better since he started back in 1994.  I heard him mention an interesting stat that caught my attention while listening to the presentation. Roughly 2/3 (66.6%) of Americans today say they use a professional car wash vs only 40% back in the mid 90’s.  That’s a huge increase in demand which in turn drove the need for access to capital.  That’s where we come in…

Harbour Capital (booth 750) offers hassle free equipment financing for the car wash and many other industries.  We have seen a huge void, specifically in the car wash space, for our product and attending the show this year was a no brainer.  Local banks are just simply hard to deal with these days – it’s a long and drawn-out process with mountains of paperwork for a simple equipment loan.  Harbour Capital provides a value-add by offering quick and easy financing with just a one page application for funding up to $200,000.  No application fees either!  There are 3 easy ways to apply:  Fax, email, or by phone.  It’s really that easy.  Credit decisions are generally made within 24 hours!  We allow you to work ON your business rather than just in your business.  Harbour Capital works with many of the major equipment suppliers in the industry which makes our process virtually seamless.   If you are an equipment vendor that we currently do not work with, feel free to call us to get set up as one of our preferred vendor partners.  We look forward to seeing everyone at next years’ show in Chicago March 31-April 2nd.

See Video Highlights Here