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Fixed Low Monthly Payments

Fixed Low Monthly Payments



Fixed Payments & Seasonal Payments Available

Flexibility is one of our strong suits, and this is why we offer a few different payment options for our customers. Most of our customers have the option to choose between fixed payments, seasonal payments, and deferred payments. Deferred payments allow our customers to receive the funding, but not have to start paying back their loan for a couple months after receiving the financing. Seasonal payments are for our cyclical business owners who experience a couple months out of the year of downtime. We can reduce your payments during that time to help out your cash flows. Finally, our fixed payments are fixed dollar amounts with fixed interest rates. No more variable interest rates and monthly payments that change each month.

Projects We Can Finance

Whether you’re trying to improve customer experience, upgrade equipment, stay up to date with the latest trends, or simply complete your franchise requirements, remodels are almost inevitable when it comes to franchises. The good news is, with Harbour Capital you can remodel your location without breaking the bank. Give your store the fresh new feel that it deserves, and let us take care of your financing.

Financing new store build-outs is something that we’ve specialized in since day one. For franchisee’s who are looking to expand within their current concept, our terms and rates are some of the most competitive in the industry. When it comes to new business owners or entrepreneurs looking to get into a new concept, we have many options available, including a brand new SBA program start-ups.

Many successful business owners seek to grow their business through acquisitions and store purchases. We know how common this is, which is why we specialize in helping franchisees with financing for these sort of transactions. We often have our current customers look to buy out their business partners as well, and they are typically suprised when they find out that we even offer financing for partner buyouts. However you are looking to grow your business, we can help.

Relocating, for any reason, can be a stressful and arduous process. One of the most stressful pieces of relocating can be having the funds on hand to cover your expenses during the move, especially since you will most likely see much less revenue during this time period. With our working capital loans and our business loans, we can help finance the relocation by giving you teh funds to purchase the new location, along with the cash to cover all of your moving expenses.

We know that upgrading equipment can sometimes be seen as a necessary evil for franchisee’s, but we don’t see it this way. Upgrading equipment gives your employees a fresh new tool to satisfy your customers with. Especially when you are upgrading to new technology, you might be surprised at how much more productive your employees can be when they have a newer and higher tech piece of equipment to use. Additionally, upgrading your equipment shows your customers that you’re reinvesting into the business and can help boost your public perception. No one wants to walk into a store and see old, outdated equipment. Having fresh and new equipment is something that can make a lasting impression on your customers. Fortunately, we are equipment financing specialists and we are here to help.

Franchise Concepts We’ve Work With

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Not only did Harbour Capital find me the necessary financing, but the interest rate and loan duration were the best from any other offers.

John Foguth - Little Caesar's Franchisee
Franchisee, Little Caesar's Franchisee
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I have completed four different loans with Harbour Capital. They have all had the smallest amount of paperwork I have ever been involved in! The answer was always “lets make this work”. I give them my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to say it will be your best experience with a lending institution you have ever experienced.

Daniel Davis - Little Caesar's Franchisee
Franchisee, Little Caesars

“Advantage+ has been working with Harbour Capital Corporation to provide equipment financing since 2011. The past several years have been particularly successful, due to the relationship that has developed between Advantage+ and Bob Rose’s team. Should a problem arise, they go above and beyond to rectify the situation quickly and take genuine ownership of their transactions. They operate with integrity and a true sense of partnership and they are a pleasure to do business with.”

Jim Oberholtzer - Vice President of Credit, Advantage+
Vice President, Advantage+
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“Bob and I have worked together for nearly 5 years. In that time, Harbour Capital Corp and Dakota Financial have completed hundreds of transactions. As a funding partner, Bob and his staff are the most professional and hard-working in the industry. I am continuously impressed by their knowledge and tenacity. Dakota Financial has consistently grown over the past 5 years and we would not have had this success without Harbour Capital Corporation and Bob Rose in particular.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Bob Rose and Harbour Capital as a funding partner.”

Brian Barbetto
Chief Credit Officer, Dakota Financial
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Harbour has made the finance process quick and easy and they have been able to help me with all of my projects with the same ease of process. Whether I’m looking to take Operating Capital out of my business through the Cash Out program, or acquire a new location, the process is always made to be as fast and easy as possible with terms similar or better to anyone in the industry.

Jon Tolliver - Subway Franchisee