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Please allow me to put in a good word and heartfelt commendation for the folks at Harbour Capital.

Today I am busy working to open one of my two new units that Kenneth Walker at Harbour Capital saved for me when my original lender (plus a separate loan broker) reneged in April on a two-unit financing deal and would only finance one of the two units. Unbelievable, after making a  two-store loan commitment two months earlier!

Not only did Ken and Harbour quickly pick up my second store loan of $250,000 at a point of severe crisis for me (lease already signed for the second unit!) but, unbelievably, they totally refunded me the 1.5% fee, or $3,750, that the loan broker had charged me without actually securing the second loan for me! I couldn’t believe it but Harbour did that for me.

I am now working on opening my seventh unit, FHS #1541, in a few weeks and then, in about another 6-8 weeks,  I will open FHS #1578 in Clinton TN thanks to the work of Kenneth Walker and Harbour Capital in providing the needed financing for that unit.

Harbour Capital has my sincere gratitude and thanks for what they have done and are doing for me. I just wanted everyone to know about how they have treated me.

Paul Jarrett

Firehouse Subs Franchisee


As a Little Caesars Franchisee for more than 25 years, I have experienced the pain of trying to work with banks and lending institutions. Many times after providing pages and pages of paperwork and hours of discussion, the answer was, “we don’t like to loan to restaurants”. Harbour Capital has been a breath of fresh air to lending in the food service category! The smallest amount of paperwork I have ever been involved in!  The answer was always “lets make this work” , a belief in our system and goals.

I have completed four different loans with Harbour Capital. Peter Downing, my account executive, has always been the most helpful to me and my company’s needs. I give them my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to say it will be your best experience with a lending institution you have ever experienced.

Daniel Davis

Little Caesar’s Franchisee


When I wanted to expand the business operations to become a multi-unit franchisee, the normal channels of finance (local banks and the preferred vendors) just wouldn’t go the extra mile to get the deal completed. Not only did Harbour Capital find me the necessary financing, but the interest rate and loan duration were the best from any other offers. My working relationship with my account manger – Peter Downing – proved to be very beneficial in sealing the deal.  His knowledge of the financing paperwork and his understanding of the debt ratios prooved to be the key in securing of our third store.  Additionally, I worked with Peter and his company in the financing package for the i7 remodel at store #2. Again, Peter’s knowledge in maneuvering the banking waters made this a success and it was all accomplished in just a few short weeks.  Habour Capital and its professional financial team have been and will continue to be my go-to financial partners!

John Foguth

Little Caesar’s Franchisee


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